Who is Scarlett?


✨The best thing you can give to yourself is being happy by doing everything with love, commitment, and patience. ✨ 

 I was born in México 🇲🇽 and I am proud of it and also low-key addicted to tacos 🌮, my design inspiration comes from my eternal need to be outside of my comfort zone. Just like Michael Scott ( yes from the office)👔, I thrived when people tell me that I can´t do that. 


I did it when my elementary teacher said that I couldn´t have pretty notes and at the end of the year she gave me the kindest words about my work 😊, I did it when my father told my mother that my high school choice was too much for me ( after that I got one of the highest grades of my class),  or when my dean told me that enrolling in a class for developing Android apps was like committing suicide ( I was the only woman and the only person in my career to ever pass that class) 📱

I love challenges! 💪🏻And I never take things for granted. I like to treat every new project like it is my first time eating sushi 🍣 ( excited to try it,  ready to dive in and leave extremely happy and ready to eat more)

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Things that make me being me