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AI and ChatGPT sounds awesome... Am I fired now?

Yep... I´m not afraid to admit that this has come to my mind from time to time, and even tho an apocalyptic scenario sounds really cool, I´m not ready to turn off the laptop and stop being a UX UI designer... But before we start going into the spiral, let´s take a look and see if this is even remotely possible

Where are we at?

We have seen #AI grow in front of our eyes and yes, we are super proud of it. From cheating on our tests to creating images of the Pope being super fresh but... what can AI do for us #UX #UI designers?

If we limit UX/UI to only blatantly creating task-based digital 2D interfaces and products, then yes, AI can replace it.

If we think UX/UI is also about how you make people feel while using your product (digital/non-digital), then AI can never replace it. -ZAPTA

Good to know right? So yes, to save you pain... UX as a whole cannot be replaced with AI. Our jobs require empathy and AI isn´t competition... is more like a kind friend from the office that helps you now and then with tasks that you don´t have time to do.

The main concern here is that the current usage of AI in UX is focused on specific tasks rather than the UX process at large. -Adamfard

So... how can AI help me get the job done?

AI now can help you get different tasks within the UX process done and those can be:

Help you analyze data. AI technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning in UX UI design are used to analyze large amounts of user feedback, such as reviews or comments, and identify common themes and sentiments that can help designers better understand user needs and preferences.

Help you engage with design. AI algorithms provide recommendations based on the user's interests, preferences, and past interactions with the product, which can be used to create dynamic content that adapts to the user's preferences and needs.

Help you prototype faster. These tools will help you automate tasks like generating layouts, creating color schemes, and optimizing designs for different devices. This can you save time and focus on more strategic aspects of the design process, such as user research and testing.

Help you optimize. By analyzing user behavior, engagement metrics, and other relevant data, designers can use AI tools to optimize the design and improve user satisfaction.

Just to double check... AI can´t take my job, right?

No, Mary... it can´t, not for now at least.... (just kidding!) AI is great, I give that to you, is it super smart? yes. Does it do all sorts of things in half the time? also... yes. But we have something AI could never... the fear of losing our job. Again, sorry...

AI works with algorithms and if they are not configured properly, all of this can suffer something called algorithm bias and not be trusted so yes, UX UI designers are still part of a critical role in designing and creating an experience. You have empathy for the user and you are aware of all the user context and emotions surrounding it, so keep up the good work that you do and go to sleep knowing that AI would never take your job.

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